Our undergraduate and graduate academic programs embrace a common mission: to fortify the intellectual and social skills necessary for effective human communication.
Bryant Professor Wendy Samter


Effective communicators increasingly are in demand to direct the exchange of information that drives our diverse world. Advanced writing and speaking skills need to be complemented by computer literacy and an understanding of the mass media, as well as an appreciation for the complexities in human interaction.

Our department offerings gives students an opportunity to study various functions and forms of communication while honing their own individual talents with the guidance of mentoring faculty. In this way, our students are prepared to become impactful communicators and industry leaders.

At the undergraduate level, we offer courses leading to a Bachelor of Arts in Communication with optional specializations in Organizational Communication and Social Media, Public Relations and Event Planning, Strategic Healthcare Communication, and Broadcast Journalism, Film, and Television. We also offer a minor in Communication or Film Studies.

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Department Chair


Our program ranked #16 nationwide  for ROI gives students an opportunity to analyze and evaluate various forms of communication while developing their own specific communication skills. We offer a diverse academic program with the common mission of fortifying the intellectual and social skills necessary for effective human communication. The protection and promotion of students from all backgrounds, cultures, and countries is something we as the Bryant Communication faculty, take very seriously and as such, the department cultivates the ability to think in creative and critical ways and to effectively communicate the results of that thinking.

Department Highlight

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Bryant University is ranked No. 7 in the U.S. News & World Report’s 2020 annual “Regional Universities North” category.

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